Get into a world of privileges with Thailand Elite, a program initiated by Thai government to give access to long term visas of 5 to 20 years in addition to privileges in Thailand.

Thailand Elite privileges

Governmental program, Thailand Elite has been offering many privileges since 2003 including long term visas to international members living or frequently traveling to Thailand.

5 to 20 year visas to Thailand

Travel and live freely in Thailand

According to the type of membership you apply to become a member of Thailand Elite, you will be granted a 5-year long term visa renewable up to 3 times (20 years). You won’t have to be bothered with administrative procedures anymore to get your visa or its renewal. You can live in Thailand during the full validity of your visa without having to leave the country. Those multi-entry visas still allow you to travel all you want.

VIP Services upon your arrival

Thai hospitality and VIP Services upon your arrival

You can use Thailand Elite privileges upon you arrival at the airport (Bangkok and Phuket). You will be taken care of by one of Thailand Elite's hostess, right after you get off the plane. In addition to that, you will also be given priority access, fast lane, to immigration controls, a VIP waiting lounge and a limousine to drive you home from the airport.

Concierge services

Multi-lingual Assistance 24/7

Thailand Elite members can enjoy a concierge service available every day. This service also enables you to easily organize some administrative proceedings such as applying for a driving licence, reporting your stay in Thailand, opening a bank account but also to get in touch with professionals from various fields.

Become a Thailand Elite member

Individual membership – Family or Easy Access

Suitable solutions to your lifestyle and needs.

5 years membership

Multi-entry visa

5 years
Airport services
Concierge 24/7
Limousine services
(24 times per year)

600 000THB

Informative exchange rate: 14 400USD*

20 years membership

Multi-entry visa

20 years
5 years renewable 3 times = 20 years
Airport services
Concierge 24/7

1 000 000THB

Informative exchange rate US$ 58,000 (+7% VAT)

For family members - Min 2 pers.

Multi-entry visa

Airport services
Concierge 24/7
Limousine services

800 000THB

for 2 persons

Informative exchange rate US$ 11,500

Already more than 15 000 members, and you?

Thailand Elite satisfies thousands of members of all nationalities since 2003.

The quality of the services is flawless, I got my 5-year visa right at the Bangkok airport, only 15 days after applying to the program.

Claude L.

Thailand Elite offers very good solutions to people who want to live in Thailand. They provide long term stay with high range services and no concerns.

Gerald P.

The cost of membership is attractive when we compare it with yearly visa renewal, access to all the services and the time waste and stress avoided.

Patrick D.

Become a Thailand Elite member

Get many privileges by becoming a member of Thailand Elite, a governmental program giving long term visas, VIP services and 24/7 assistance.
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